The following photos are of work done by others that Stone Central was called in to fix.  The photos are of different bathrooms at a large vacation property in Orlando.
Three colors of granite used below.  Grains are not flowing properly.
Gap left in the backsplash that should be a closed seam.
This was an attempt to make the different grains flow by painting the "gap" in the seam.
Different colors of granite and uneven edges in backsplash.
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Three different colors of the same granite used.
Uneven edge on front perimeter at the seam with seaming product left on surface of the stone and three colors of stone used.
Three different colors and chips in backsplash, edges on perimeter do not match.
Grains not flowing properly, three different colors used.
Different stones used.  Seams not finished.

Poor workmanship for industry standards