Granite, marble, tile and stone are todays most versatile building materials used in homes and businesses alike.  They are the most durable, long lasting, and reasonably priced.  Stone Central of Central Florida Inc. offers a large selection of stones, patterns, colors, textures and designs. These materials can be used on floors, walls, cabinet tops, vanities, showers, tub decks, summer kitchens and fireplaces.  The options are endless.  Most materials are very easy to care for and can be worked into any decorating scheme.

Our well known company can handle all types of marble, granite, and stone needs from new construction to remodeling or just to increase the value of your existing property. The designs of these durable materials add a unique beauty to any home or business. The employees at Stone Central are experts in installation of these materials for residential as well as business needs.  Let Stone Central help you with your next project.